Sat, Apr 21 at 7:30pm

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Chapman Way & Maclain Way are two brothers who had made a literal cult classic for our times. Their six-part documentary Wild Wild Country, about the clash between Oregon residents and government officials with the Rajneeshee community in the 1980’s, is scoring great reviews and even better word of mouth with viewers. Meticulously detailed with archival footage and new interviews with key characters, they’ve spun a somewhat-forgotten part of Oregon history into Netflix binge-watching gold.

Mary Pilon is an expert on the rules of the game. We mean that literally - her best-selling book The Monopolists covers the history of the game Monopoly. Her new book, The Kevin Show, uses her skills as a sports reporter to tell the story of Olympic athlete Kevin Hall’s battle with a mental illness that causes him to believe that he’s starring in his own reality show. Pilon has written about sports, business, and politics for publications around the world, and worked as a producer for NBC Sports for the Rio 2016 Olympics. A native of Eugene, OR, she is proud to report that her biggest fan is her grandmother. 

Ahmed Bharoocha is half Irish Catholic, half Pakistani-Indian-Burmese-Muslim, and 100% hilarious. He’s performed on Conan and Comedy Central, hit the festival circuit at places like Just for Laughs Montreal, Riot LA, and the Great American Comedy Festival, and produced viral sketch hits. Add all that to his high energy performance punctuated with striking social commentary, and it’s clear that Bharoocha is the complete comedy package.

Ron Artis II was born to be a musician. The oldest son in a musical family of eleven children, he started crawling across his father’s piano at the ripe old age of one. He’s a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who has grown in all genres of music, even creating new songs on the spot during his concerts. He’s worked with Mick Fleetwood, Jack Johnson, Soulive, and many more. His music can be described as “Soul, Soul and more Soul” but to see Artis in concert is to see someone who has spent their life living music.

Alberta Rose Theatre

3000 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211