Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 7:30pm

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Portland native Mitchell S. Jackson told us a compelling, honest story of a different side of the city in his widely-acclaimed debut novel "The Residue Years". Now he’s back with his new memoir "Survival Math", which takes its name from the complicated equations Mitchell and his family had to grapple with in order to stay safe in a dangerous community. Using his poetic prose and journalistic eye, Jackson examines the conflicts in his family and community, in society and in himself, as he reckons with growing up black in the whitest city in America. "Survival Math" not only shows us Jackson’s individual journey, but also explores the trajectory of Portland and the lives of other black men in America like him.

A psychotherapist and a New York Times bestselling author, Lori Gottlieb’s newest book “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” is a deep dive into blind spots - both the ones she sees in her own patients as well as those she’s forced to face with her own therapist, Wendell. Gottlieb also writes The Atlantic’s Weekly “Dear Therapist” advice column and appears frequently as an expert on relationships, parenting, and mental health topics. With candor and boldness, Gottlieb pulls back the veil on our human facades to reveal the power we each have to change our lives.

Mohanad Elshieky has a special skill for making you laugh at the seemingly unlaughable. Recently named one of Team Coco’s "Comics to Watch," the Libyan-born comedian combines a deceptively laid-back demeanor with his whip-smart perspective on politics and culture. The Portland Mercury called him “an undisputed genius of comedy,” and he's been featured on shows like Lovett or Leave It and Harmontown. From his work as an English teacher and interpreter in Benghazi to his current status as a fast-rising comedian in the Portland scene, Elshieky zeros in on topics that may seem off limits - then surprises you with how hard you’re laughing.

Revel in Dimes is a sure-footed blues band that doesn’t need to look at a map to know where they’re going. The soulful foursome combines the deep feeling of the blues with singer Kia Warren’s roots in gospel and rock ‘n’ roll to create a unique sound with a gritty edge. Warren combines with multi-instrumentalist Chris “Premo” Waller on bass, Eric Simons on guitar, and Washington Duke on drums as Revel in Dimes takes the blues, adds a groove, and puts it all together to create their electric sound. Because when you’re forging a new path, what good is an old map, anyway?

Alberta Rose Theatre

3000 NE Alberta St
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